The Journey To PurposeLife is Difficult


Smile. I always hear people make tremendous remark about how hard life is, or how difficult their career seems. In fact, I’ve had a close contact with people that left their jobs with this same mentality of finding a simpler one.

I remember when I was small and wasn’t responsible for anything, my definition of life then was just fun, all I wanted to do was to just wakeup, eat and play, in fact, I never wanted to attend school.

This wasn’t the case when I started becoming responsible at home. When started helping mummy in the kitchen, I witnessed the other side of life. I began to understand growth and responsibility, when daddy would tell me to do my assignment, while in the real sense I intended to play with my friends. *let me tell you a secret about life…..*

*_There’s nothing that is easy in this life, and to complain about this is to say the obvious_*

It’s high time you settled it in your mind and take up the responsibility, there’s nothing that is easy in life. I heard people complain about their uncle that didn’t give them money, some complain about their spouse withholding the necessary support for achievement, Some times I used to think if I was birthed by a rich parent, I would have been more than this, but friends, that’s the same story everywhere. In fact, most of the successful people will admire didn’t even had the opportunities we just treated casually. Some never attended any school, some drop out of school and some finish with a poor grade.

*_Life won’t take it easy on you. You just have to be more tough on life._*

If you want to achieve the greatness you desire in life, you have to be more tough on life. Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen. If you make excuses, you won’t make impact…

*_Success story is always the same_*
but failure comes with different excuses.


Self Made

Do you ever feel that lack of privileges is holding you behind? There are many self made people who were not very privileged but still managed to reach the height of success.

Being self made means that you believe in your own capabilities to build the life you want. Although lack of privileges can be an obstacle and you would have to work harder but you can create a lifestyle you want. Many times, when we look at privileged people around us, we feel that the reason for their success is the kind of opportunities they could have in their lives. Their quick success sometimes makes us feel disappointed as we start to feel that we cannot achieve without having same sort of opportunities.

There is no doubts that having opportunities can make it easier and open more doors without putting much efforts, it should not become a reason for self doubt. You might make it slow but you can surely make it, once you set your mind on it.

Believe in yourself and put your best in whatever you do. Slowly, opportunities will emerge and you will find the right path to move on.

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Go off your Ego

Is your ego stopping you from apologising? Think again if it is worth losing a person over an ego that never brings anything but only make you lose.

No one can make the right choice or decision every time in their life. Sometimes even with our best intention, we make wrong decision that can hurt our loved ones.

When a person is hurt, they need to be healed. Apology helps to heal because it makes that person feel that you understand their pain. When a person feels that you are unapologetic, it breaks them even more. Apology can be hard especially for those who feel that it will hurt their ego but apologising doesn’t make you any less than anyone. You should feel right in your heart and if it is your mistake, make effort to apologise as thats the right thing to do.

Never step away from apology if you are wrong. However hard it may seem, apologising takes only a short time but if you lose the person, you will regret for your entire life.

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School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.

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